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BioSolve Process

Make well-informed decisions quickly

Saving time and resources during the development and manufacture of cost-effective medicines

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BioSolve Connect

A networked data-driven application

Allows you to manage all resources and process models centrally

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De-risk decision-making and reduce costs to increase profitability

The BioSolve Process helps you make well-informed decisions quickly, saving time and resources during the development and manufacture of cost-effective medicines.

Gain access to impartial and industry-wide data to rationalise and de-risk your business decision-making. Unlike in-house systems, the BioSolve Process accesses up-to-date information from across the biopharmaceutical sector to deliver impartial knowledge and advantage.

Biopharma innovators are already optimizing their bioprocesses using BioSolve to:

Save on manufacturing costs

Save between 20% and 90% on manufacturing costs by understanding cost structures early on in their development of non-platform processes.

Reduce manufacturing costs of platform processes

Reduce manufacturing costs of platform processes from between 10% to 20% per year by assessing the impact of new technologies and process routes.

Improve planning

Develop the business case for innovative new or improved biopharmaceutical manufacturing platforms.

Reduce risk

Unique analysis tools enable you to quickly carry out multiple process comparison analyses and assess facility fit before making a decision.

Reduce costs

BioSolve helps you to significantly reduce the cost of your process by helping you understand the cost implications of technology and process choices so you can select the most cost-effective technologies for your process in development.

Industry standard

The major suppliers have modelled their technologies in BioSolve, so you can really evaluate the impact of a given technology and figure out which technology will enable the highest performance and lowest cost of your process.

Adopt new technology

BioSolve is transparent, easy to use and allows rapid dissemination of the latest technologies and processes.

Rapid scale-up

Scale your process quickly and easily.

Select the right location

Understand the costs and capabilities of different geographies when choosing the location for your biopharmaceutical manufacturing.