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BioSolve Process

Make well informed decisions, quickly through industry leading process simulation, economic analysis software.

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Data Analysis


BioSolve Process measures the impact of running and scaling your bioprocess operations – the commercial impact to the organisation, the impact to existing or new production facilities, the impact of new technologies and the impact to the environment.

By understanding the bioprocess at this deeper level, a more meaningful optimisation of the bioprocess can be achieved.

This also enables the transfer of critical information to supply chain, manufacturing/MSAT, tech transfer, engineering, commercial and within process development teams within an organisation or to outside contractors.

Use pre-populated unit operations to simplify setting up your bioprocess, and greatly assist in modifying any specific operations or customised procedures.

Utilise the BioSolve Process cost database with the latest, industry-averaged costs for a wide range of raw materials, buffer salts, consumables, disposables and capital equipment.

Ask for a demonstration to allow us to show you how easy it is to populate QC tests, shift patterns, power utilisation, clean room operation, labour rates, contribution from QA, and more.

BioSolve Process actively assists you in defining a scalable model, to evaluate the production capacity, facility setup, manufacturing cost, life-cycle assessment factors, investment required and more, for any given process scenario.

Use BioSolve Process to develop the business case for new pharma products, new process technologies or process changes, or any time or financial investment. Several unique analysis tools enable you to quickly carry out automated, multiple process comparisons. All inputs can become variables, to create operational sensitivity analyses which dive into the process risks, critical variables or opportunity for change.

Data visualisation tools help to identify conclusions and clearly share those analyses as presentations, reports or communications (exported to Microsoft Office products).