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User Quotes

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our users have to say.

Javier Lozano


Biosolve is a great tool to use in concept design as it gives a quick and easy way of working out both the capex and the opex of a plant.

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Steve Jones


The BioSolve process tool is familiar to so many of the BioPhorum collaborators, making it a great tool to use in a collaboration environment. The expertise of the Biopharm Services team, and their willingness to engage in the open collaboration model used by BioPhorum, has meant that the modelling tools on offer have complemented the collaboration teams work.

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Dr Karol Lacki


Three Ps: Potential, Process, and Platform. The standardised approach gives BioSolve Process great potential to become a good platform, or a communication tool, for discussing manufacturing strategies and even for process design discussions both internally and with colleagues from other companies.

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Alfred Luitjens

Batavia Biosciences

In the past, I used Excel to perform cost calculations – applying all that I knew about the process and associated cost. However, by using BioSolve Process, I could see other cost categories that I needed to add – so it helped me to account for items that weren’t immediately obvious. Within BioSolve Process, I did the calculation with existing products and the cost came-out quite close to the actual. Of course, this took time to configure, but once set-up correctly, BioSolve Process is a power tool.

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Osamu Shirokizawa

Life Scientia

We are a bio-engineering consultancy firm. To us, BioSolve is not only an advantageous analytical tool in the planning and designing of biotech facilities. It is also an extremely powerful tool that helps us communicate with our clients. Now many of them are faced with the need to address new manufacturing modalities, and they are calling for environmental sustainability as well as cost-effectiveness for their manufacturing operations. This constantly evolving and highly user-configurable software always allows us to help them explore new possibilities and make the best data-driven decisions.

Dr David Pollard


I see the one of the main power aspects of BioSolve Process is the ability to execute complex sensitivity studies with a set of parameters or criteria, for a specific unit operation, and to then see the impact across the complete bioprocess. This is immensely powerful and we learnt by doing these sensitivity studies, when early stage concepts are being drawn on paper, that we can directly help to identify unanticipated gaps and focus resources to the optimal experimental studies.

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Priyanka Gupta

Sartorius North America Inc

Biosolve is a great cost modeling tool that really helps in understanding the impact of technology and process choices on manufacturing cost and eventual cost of drug. This in turn helps in making educated and informed decisions regarding choosing the right technologies for one’s manufacturing process.