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Magnus Bergman, Cytiva (2nd edition; Republished)

1. General questions

       What is your name, organization name and position?

      Magnus Bergman, Senior research engineer at the R&D department at Cytiva

       Would you classify yourself as a beginner, intermediate user or power user of BioSolve Process?

       Intermediate or power user.

       Which version of BioSolve Process do you use currently?


       What do you use BioSolve Process for?

      Process economic comparisons between different alternative processes in different production scenarios. The most recent project was with adenovirus production, where we used BioSolve both during process development to do some preliminary modelling, and after process development to understand how a new developed process compared with an existing reference process.

      What do you like most about BioSolve Process?

     Advanced scenario analysis. Process economic discussions often result in an almost endless series of “what if…” type questions. The advanced scenario analysis makes it possible to do a comprehensive analysis with a reasonable work load.

      How steep did you find the learning curve for BioSolve Process? Where there any specific aspects of the tool that you found more difficult to learn than others?

      Quite steep. It’s not always easy to understand what some parameters actually mean, and what goes on “under the hood”, which can make it difficult to know if you are modelling what you want to model. The addition of the BoM functionality in version 7.5 made troubleshooting a bit easier, but it still takes some trial and error to get everything right.

2. About your organization and BioSolve Process

       How does BioSolve Process currently create value in your department?

       It helps to give an understanding of how different factors interact to influence cost, which is of use in discussions both internally and externally.

       In what ways could BioSolve Process create more value for you in the future?

       Perhaps by providing better tools to analyse and visualize the large sets of data generated in the Advanced scenario analysis.

BPS: It is great to hear that you are using Advanced Scenario Analysis. We are actually beta testing the visualization tool that is available for you to try.

3. Final questions

       What developments, changes or upgrades would you like to see in future versions of BioSolve Process?

       The possibility to run even more scenarios at one time in the Advanced scenario analysis. More tools to visualize larger sets of data. Better support for campaign change-over considerations like column packing and cleaning verification. More transparency around CIP and cleaning considerations. Default set-ups for QC tests for other template processes than mAb.

       What three words would you use to describe BioSolve Process?

       Flexible, capable, comprehensive.


1st edition published on 17th October 2018; Revised on 25 January 2021