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Author: Biopharm Services Ltd

Cost Database Update 2023 in BioSolve Process

Biopharm Services Cost Database Update 2023 for BioSolve Process is Launched! Our reference Hybrid Mab Process has experienced a 23% increase in manufacturing costs since 2021 First, what is BioSolve Process? Are you developing a new bioprocess or assessing new technology and wondering about the

Chapter 2: Road to Process Model Evolution

Chapter 2: Road to Process Model Evolution Landmark on 2nd June in London #processmodelevolution On the second day of the User Group Forum, attendees were welcomed back after a lively and enjoyable networking dinner at a Local Upscale Chinese restaurant. The day began with a

Biopharm Interview Mr Harvey Branton

As you know, Biopharm Services has been part of a UK-based consortium consisting of BiologIC Technologies, CPI, Pall Corporation, and SCIEX. The team has announced the launch of a project that aims to develop automated manufacturing controls for use in the manufacture of biologics. The

Sustainability Interview – Life Cycle Assessment

Today we have a special guest – Bill Flanagan to give us great insight into Sustainability in our industry. It is such a pleasure to be able to interview someone who has numerous publications related to sustainability. Our Sales & Marketing Director Dr Yuki Abe

Biopharm Services Interview McMaster University Part 1

Biopharm Services and McMaster University is kicking off the collaboration project to conduct Cell Therapy and Gene Therapy modelling together. Here is our interview with them. Good morning to you, David. Would you kindly introduce yourself to our audience?         I’m an