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Racing Ahead – Pushing forward with Automated Bioproduction Units.

Come and see an automated biologics processing unit in operation at a one-day Symposium “Integrated Process Strategies For Regional Biopharmaceutical Supply” on March 28, 2023, Sedgefield, UK.

Looking back down the race circuit, the horses don’t seem to be moving quickly – until they come thundering past you, covering twice my height in one effortless stride. We can forget the many changes that have happened in the last 10 years in our industry and think that no progress is being made to enable access to lower-cost biologic drugs.

But in the recent response to the COVID pandemic all of those developments and platforms came into full racing view. Pick your horse – single-use technology, modular units, flexible facilities, faster analytics, broad geographical CMC experience, multiproduct CDMO’s, etc; they were all part of the race.

The course continues though – the supply of vaccines and other biologics needs to more resilient, more flexible in production – and many argue from the experience of the pandemic, that manufacturing technology and skills should be more distributed and regional.

Process automation, data acquisition from process lines, better real-time analytics, improved control strategies and vendor-agnostic platforms will all enable distributed manufacturing networks.

We1 will be holding a Symposium dedicated to technologies that enable Regional Biopharmaceutical Supply and we would love for you to attend and contribute.
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We will be publishing more information in January.

Integrated Process Strategies For Regional Biopharmaceutical Supply
March 28, 2023
Sedgefield, Co- Durham, UK

Keynote speakers on:

  • The Demand for In Country/Regional Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing.
  • Modular, Integrated Manufacturing Technology within Pharma.

Short tour of a small scale integrated mAb production unit scaled for regional manufacturing. Including presentations of –

  • Process & automation strategy (CPI & Applied Materials)
  • Economic and Production Capacity Analysis of Vaccine Application (Biopharm Services)
  • Biocomputer technology utilisation (BiologIC Technologies)
  • Critical quality attributes – technology review (SCIEX & CPI)
  • Equipment and consumables supply options (Pall Cytiva)

Facilitated networking discussion groups on small biomanufacturing demand & technology

Networking reception

We look forward to seeing you at Sedgefield, UK. Stay on and enjoy the races!
Further information on hotels, travel to CPI Sedgefield will be provided in subsequent announcements.
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1 InnovateUK sponsored project involving Biopharm Services Ltd, BioloigIC Technologies Ltd, Centre for Process Innovation, Pall Biotech and SCIEX (Danaher company network), with equipment and technology from Applied Materials.