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Cost Database Update 2023 in BioSolve Process

Biopharm Services Cost Database Update 2023 for BioSolve Process is Launched! Our reference Hybrid Mab Process has experienced a 23% increase in manufacturing costs since 2021 First, what is BioSolve Process? Are you developing a new bioprocess or assessing new technology and wondering about the

Chapter 2: Road to Process Model Evolution

Chapter 2: Road to Process Model Evolution Landmark on 2nd June in London #processmodelevolution On the second day of the User Group Forum, attendees were welcomed back after a lively and enjoyable networking dinner at a Local Upscale Chinese restaurant. The day began with a

Biopharm Interview Mr Harvey Branton

As you know, Biopharm Services has been part of a UK-based consortium consisting of BiologIC Technologies, CPI, Pall Corporation, and SCIEX. The team has announced the launch of a project that aims to develop automated manufacturing controls for use in the manufacture of biologics. The

Sustainability Interview – Life Cycle Assessment

Today we have a special guest – Bill Flanagan to give us great insight into Sustainability in our industry. It is such a pleasure to be able to interview someone who has numerous publications related to sustainability. Our Sales & Marketing Director Dr Yuki Abe