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BioPhorum Group Interview

General questions        What is your name, organization name and position?        Steve Jones, BioPhorum Operations Group, Director and Phorum Lead of Technology Roadmapping        What does your organization do?        Our mission is to create an environment where the global biopharmaceutical industry can collaborate and accelerate their rate

Biopharm interview with Karol Lacki

General questions        What is your name, company name and position?        My name is Karol Lacki and I’m Vice President of Technology Development at Avitide. At Avitide we develop and manufacture custom affinity resins.        Would you classify yourself as a beginner, intermediate, or expert user of

Biopharm interview with Batavia Biosciences

General questions        What is your name, company name and position?        My name is Alfred Luitjens, I currently work as Director of Cell Technologies at Batavia Biosciences, a CDMO with extensive experience in vaccine, recombinant protein, monoclonal antibody and gene therapy projects.        What is involved in

Why we supported BPOG’s technology roadmap project

This week we announced that we have supported the BioPhorum Operations Group in the development of the first edition of The Technology Roadmap for the Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry. So why did we get involved? As we all know, current trends in the biopharmaceutical industry, including

BioSolve 2016 User Survey results revealed!

Biopharm Services recently conducted its annual survey of BioSolve users. The survey is a great opportunity for all users to provide valuable insight and thoughts that contribute directly to the future development direction of the BioSolve products. Today we’d like to share some highlights from

Event summary: BioSolve User Group Forum 2016

As the leaves started to fall from the trees in the iconic city of London, Biopharm Services hosted the 2016 BioSolve User Group Forum. BioSolve users from across the world came together to gain insight into a range of topics focused around cost estimation and technology

Introducing the BioSolve Steering Committee!

We recently approached a number of expert individuals that we felt could support Biopharm Services by joining our new steering committee. The aim of the committee is to help support us shape our future direction with their knowledge and vision of the sector. We are

2015 User Survey Highlights

We recently conducted our annual User Survey – many thanks to all our users who participated. We use the survey to gather valuable insight into our users’ experience with BioSolve, and it often leads to product improvements and enhancements based on user feedback. Overall, responses