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Regeneron’s High Profile Success? Demand for COVID-19 prophylactics – what role for Pichia expression technology to assist access

With Regeneron’s high profile, single-person, single-site, clinical trial proving successful (along with much supporting other clinical data!), will neutralising antibodies surf the second wave? Our COVID-related blogs focus on capacity and cost of making the treatments and understanding opportunities or bottlenecks in large scale provision

Biopharm interview with Dr David Pollard

General questions        What is your name, company name and position? D    Dr David Pollard, Head of Advanced Materials and Processing, which is one of the three pillars of the newly formed Sartorius Corporate Research. The other two pillars of corporate research

The Fast Optimisation of BioSolve Process Modelling with Bayesian Optimisation

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing capacity, efficiency, flexibility and economics are all important outputs for organisations to optimize and continuously review. BioSolve Process is the biopharmaceutical industry’s most powerful software for bioprocess analysis. Due to the complexity of therapeutic manufacturing there are many variables contributing to the overall

Biopharm Services soars into 2020 with new BioSolve Process 8

World-class bioprocess modelling software developer unveils new customisable features for users. LONDON, 11 December 2019 – Biopharm Services, the bioprocess analysis software developer, today announced the release of the latest version of its flagship process analysis and economic modelling tool, BioSolve Process. BioSolve Process 8

User Forum (EU) Feedback

The BioSolve User forum was held in the historic town of Leiden; we welcomed over 20 attendees. We met together for a in-depth review of new features, and to learn from and interact with other users in the expanding community. A major theme of the