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Biopharm Services powers new tool for BioPhorum Operations Group

Manufacturing Technology Roadmap Tool used to support and provide insights for the first Technology Roadmap for the Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

Biopharm Services, the bioprocess consultancy and software developer, today announced that it has developed a new modelling tool for the BioPhorum Operations Group (BPOG).

The Manufacturing Technology Roadmap Tool was used by BPOG to provide wider access to the results of the modelling used to support the first edition of The Technology Roadmap for the Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry. This report was created to accelerate the industry’s journey by identifying common biomanufacturer needs and sharing them openly to align directions and enable pre-competitive collaboration.

​The Manufacturing Technology Roadmap Tool is based on the Biopharm’s flagship process analysis and economic modelling software, BioSolve Process. Many of the world’s major biopharm, pharma and supplier companies use BioSolve to gain access to impartial and industry-wide data to rationalise and de-risk their business decision-making.

“Biopharm Services has been instrumental in supporting the development of our first technology roadmap for biopharma manufacturing, which provides a foundation for comparing modalities and evaluating improvement from a commonly agreed baseline for the first time,” said Steve Jones, Director, BPOG. “The tool allows those unfamiliar with modeling software to examine the detail that lies behind the words in the report, which is a significant step towards setting goals for improvement and widening access to hard data.”

For BPOG, the new tool was used to model the current state of biopharmaceutical manufacturing scenarios, including:

  • Large Scale Stainless Steel Fed Batch
  • Intermediate‐scale Single‐Use Perfusion

The tool allows users to:

  • Gain insight into cost drivers by looking in detail at the cost breakdown of different modalities (perfusion, fed batch, hybrid single use, stainless steel, continuous, batch)
  • Compare the different modalities for themselves
  • Review the configuration parameters and evaluate potential improvements using, for the first time, a standard configuration that represents a consensus of the participating companies.

“We are delighted to make this basic tool available to everyone in the biopharma industry to help improve the risk-reward profile for new technology development and enable faster adoption of new technologies,” said Andrew Sinclair, CEO, Biopharm Services. “For people unfamiliar with BioSolve Process, this will provide an introduction to the potential that process analysis and modelling software has to transform their decision-making process.”

About Biopharm Services
Biopharm Services was founded in December 1998 to develop technology solutions and services for the biopharmaceutical manufacturing business, covering biologic products, facilities and manufacturing strategy. The company is the developer of BioSolve, the biopharmaceutical industry’s most powerful set of bioprocess analysis tools. The BioSolve product range enables biopharma and vendor innovators to reduce manufacturing costs and make informed process decisions to improve profitability and ultimately patient access.


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