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Biopharm Services unveils BioSolve Process 7.5

Bioprocess modelling software gets new features for NPC, BoM, PMI and advanced scenario analysis.

Biopharm Services, the bioprocess analysis software developer, today announced the release of the latest version of its flagship process analysis and economic modelling tool, BioSolve Process.

BioSolve Process 7.5 is the latest version of Biopharm Services’ flagship process analysis and economic modelling tool. Many of the world’s major biopharm, pharma and supplier companies use BioSolve products to gain access to impartial and industry-wide data to rationalise and de-risk their business decision-making.

Key new developments in BioSolve Process 7.5 include:

  • Net Present Cost (NPC) calculator, which allows users to carry out a cashflow analysis of their CAPEX and OPEX outputs.
  • Bill of Materials (BoM) sheet, which allows users to see all required materials and consumables in a single view and export as an Excel spreadsheet for easy sharing. The BoM sheet provides a breakdown list on a per batch and per unit operation basis, and can display the raw materials and consumable component requirements for solutions and consumable packages used in the process.
  • Process Mass Intensity (PMI) environmental monitoring tool, which provides the insight users need to create a sustainable future for a new process. It can be used to understand the amount of water, consumables or materials required per kilogram of product.
  • Advanced Scenario Analysis, which allows users to evaluate hundreds of scenarios, and specify input and output for each analysis. With 15 user configurable inputs, it collects and stores information from each scenario as well as cost and process information.

“With these new features, we are ensuring that BioSolve Process continues to set the standard in bioprocess modelling,” said Andrew Sinclair, CEO, Biopharm Services. “We continue to evolve our products in order to provide the best possible insight that enables our biopharma customers to make fast, well-informed decisions during the development and manufacture of cost-effective medicines.”

About Biopharm Services
Biopharm Services was founded in December 1998 to develop technology solutions and services for the biopharmaceutical manufacturing business, covering biologic products, facilities and manufacturing strategy. The company is the developer of BioSolve, the biopharmaceutical industry’s most powerful set of bioprocess analysis tools. The BioSolve product range enables biopharma and vendor innovators to reduce manufacturing costs and make informed process decisions to improve profitability and ultimately patient access.

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