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Biopharm Services soars into 2020 with new BioSolve Process 8

World-class bioprocess modelling software developer unveils new customisable features for users.

LONDON, 11 December 2019 – Biopharm Services, the bioprocess analysis software developer, today announced the release of the latest version of its flagship process analysis and economic modelling tool, BioSolve Process.

BioSolve Process 8 is the latest version of Biopharm Services’ dynamic process analysis and economic modelling tool. Many of the world’s major biopharm, pharma and supplier companies use BioSolve products to gain access to impartial and industry-wide data to rationalise and de-risk their business decision-making.

“As a fish climbs a waterfall to reach higher waters, success in business is about learning and adapting,” said Dr Yuki Abe, Director of Sales & Marketing, Biopharm Services. “We themed this latest release of BioSolve Process around the Buddhist story The Dragon Gate, where it is said that any carp that reaches the top of the Dragon’s Gate waterfall becomes a dragon themselves.

“At Biopharm Services, we are always developing and improving our products. BioSolve Process is a dynamically evolving tool, growing with the needs of our users, and the unique new features we have introduced in BioSolve Process 8 will enable users to reach the next level in process analysis and economic modelling.”

Key new developments in BioSolve Process 8 include:

Improved Solution Management: The new functionality provides the ability to specify the preparation mode as well as indicate a number of batches or days on a solution-by-solution basis, or on a stock-by-stock basis, more closely matching operational trends. 

Updated Cost Data: Improved visualisation of manufacturing cost breakdown – with equipment costs separated from a combined Materials/Consumables/ Labour/Area Class/QC Cost/Utility sheet. 

Advanced Scenario Changes: Users can export Advanced Scenarios information to a separate file of connected data tables; they can import the inputs of many scenarios at a time, run those scenarios in BioSolve Process and then copy the outputs to the separate workbook.

User Sheet Roles: Simplified user interface to speed model building and analysis – customised visibility of sheets depending on a user profile and forms replace tables for accurate data input.

Data Transfer between BioSolve Process and BioSolve Connect:  An updated interface allows BioSolve Connect to support data transfer from and to BioSolve Process versions dating back to BioSolve Process 6.

About Biopharm Services

Biopharm Services was founded in December 1998 to develop technology solutions and services for the biopharmaceutical manufacturing business, covering biologic products, facilities and manufacturing strategy. The company is the developer of BioSolve, the biopharmaceutical industry’s most powerful set of bioprocess analysis tools. The BioSolve product range enables biopharma and vendor innovators to reduce manufacturing costs and make informed process decisions to improve profitability and ultimately patient access.

Media contact:

Phil Newman
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