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Introducing the BioSolve Steering Committee!

We recently approached a number of expert individuals that we felt could support Biopharm Services by joining our new steering committee. The aim of the committee is to help support us shape our future direction with their knowledge and vision of the sector.

We are delighted to announce that the following people have accepted our invitation to lead the BioSolve steering committee for the next two years, supporting our medium- to long-term development planning:

  • Alex Xenopoulos (Principal research scientist, Millipore Sigma, US)
  • Engin Ayturk (Senior R&D manager, Pall, US)
  • David Pollard (Executive director, Biologics new & enabling technologies) & Mark Brower (Senior research chemical engineer) (Merck, US)
  • Paul Baduel (Director, Process development biotechnology, Sanofi Pasteur, France)
  • Takashi Kaminagayoshi (Director, Takeda Pharmaceutical CMC, Japan)
  • Venkatesh Natarajan (Senior Process Engineer III, Biogen Idec, US)
  • Yuhong Zhou (Lecturer, UCL, UK)

Today, we’d like to introduce you to some of the members of the committee:

Engin Ayturk is a Sr. R&D Manager at Pall Life Sciences and leads the BioPharm Applications R&D (ARD) Integrated Continuous BioProcessing team, where he is responsible for the development of next generation novel bioprocess platforms and technologies. In addition to his primary focus on supporting R&D product development efforts, Engin brings a strong emphasis on process modeling, bioprocess economics and the development of process control strategies for various technologies.

David Pollard is an executive director within Bioprocess Development of the Merck Research Labs (Merck & Co. Inc). He has over 20 years’ experience of bioprocess development for the clinical and commercial manufacturing of anti-infectives, bioconversions, vaccines and therapeutic proteins. David’s current assignment is leading a dedicated team to apply next generation technologies to improve the efficiency and lower the costs of the biologics platform. He is also tasked with co-leading the Single Use Network at Merck, to ease implementation of single use for simpler, faster and lower cost processing.

Alex Xenopoulos, PhD is Principal Research Scientist at Merck Millipore. He specializes in R&D in materials science and purification of biotherapeutic molecules, as well as evaluation of new technologies for downstream processing. Alex has published numerous papers based on innovative technologies, and part of his work is to manage the technical collaboration with academic labs and biopharmaceutical companies.

Stay tuned for more information!