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Mab Manufacturing Today & Tomorrow

In conjunction with today’s launch of BioSolve Process 5, we have developed a whitepaper that demonstrates the significant savings that can be achieved by biopharma innovators in monoclonal antibody manufacture. The study used BioSolve Process to evaluate three different development scenarios:

Current stainless steel technology
Modelling in BioSolve Process shows that for a traditional stainless steel facility, an optimum CoG of $35/g can be achieved with a capital investment of $352 million into the manufacturing plant.

Modular single-use technology
BioSolve Process shows that a modular single-use facility can deliver a comparable CoG at $38/g for a much lower capital investment of $250 million, by shifting cost from fixed to variable costs.

Continuous processing technology
BioSolve Process was used to model a fully integrated continuous manufacturing operation. Moving to continuous manufacturing was shown to have the potential to drop the capital requirement to just $80 million and the CoG to $32/g, with the potential for further reductions to the $15/g to $20/g range.

What we can see from this study is that technology choices have a significant potential impact on capital expenditure and cost of goods. De-risking biomanufacturing during development is in everyone’s best interest. Access to this knowledge through BioSolve Process can make it easier for the industry to widen patient access and implement local manufacturing.