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BioSolve 2016 User Survey results revealed!

Biopharm Services recently conducted its annual survey of BioSolve users. The survey is a great opportunity for all users to provide valuable insight and thoughts that contribute directly to the future development direction of the BioSolve products.

Today we’d like to share some highlights from our user survey.

Majority using BioSolve Process 7


The survey results tell us that most respondents are now using BioSolve Process 7.

However, around 40% have not yet upgraded to latest version, and the reasons given for this ranged from “not wanting to lose their existing version” or “waiting for other colleagues to upgrade”.

As a result, we wanted to make sure our users are aware that previous versions of BioSolve can run in parallel with the latest version, so BioSolve Process 5, 6 and 7 can be used on the same computer without any issue.

Usability improvements are well received

When asked about how easy BioSolve is to use, all users of BioSolve Process 7 indicated that it was user friendly or very user friendly. This is in contrast to BioSolve Process 6 users, who indicated that the product could sometimes be difficult to use.

We believe this difference may be a result of easier “reference parameter” capabilities in BioSolve Process 7. Instead of long Index and Matching, BioSolve Process 7 users can use a simple macro to choose which parameter they would like to refer to, making the whole process much simpler.

Input sheet suggestions

The survey also asked users what improvements they would like to see to BioSolve’s input sheets. Some response highlights included:

  • The ability to store key input parameters associated with an actual process in the dashboard.
  • The ability to add more information to the cost data sheet.
  • Changes to the unit of campaign length to the parameter sheet.
  • Better QC cost estimation.

Most of the feedback highlighted the importance of BioSolve Connect. BioSolve Connect is our central data management system that unleashes the power of BioSolve Process across an organization. For example, BioSolve Connect already provides the ability to add more information to resource items.

This feedback also made us realize the importance of providing support materials that help users easily discover and learn about new features. With this in mind, we are already putting together some new support materials for next year. Watch out for a newsletter announcing the new materials in 2017!

Top marks for support


The survey also asked our users how they rate the quality of support, and we are delighted to report that all respondents responded with either “Very good” or “Extremely good”. Provision of support is a vital part of our service and the high score received for this question is a testament to the excellent work conducted by our support team, headed by our Product Managers.

Final thoughts

This year’s survey delivered a lot of valuable feedback from our users. As always, some questions and responses could not be listed here due to sensitivity of the information, but all feedback helps us to tailor BioSolve to the needs of our users.

Thank you to all users who participated in the survey – and to all our users for your continuing feedback, support and enthusiasm. Watch this space for news about the next BioSolve User Group Forum – coming in 2017!