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Interview with Javier Lozano from SDD™

       What is your name and your involvement to SDD™?

       My name is Javier Lozano and I came up with the idea of SDD™ while working on a Single use plant design project for PM Group.

       Can you explain about SDD™ – what is it and why are you passionate about it?

       I had been designing single use systems in contract manufacturing organisation for many years and found designing single use systems both time consuming and frustrating. This usually ended up with only talking to one supplier as you had no time to deal with three. The suppliers also used things like connector type to type you in to only their products. The end result was most systems did not go out for competitive tendering.

       Would you kindly explain how SDD™ can benefit the Supplier Community?

       The suppliers suffer from long lead times, 1,000’s of part designs and short production runs. This pushes up cost and the need for large warehouse capacity. Mass producing one design will start to help reduce this problem.

       Would you kindly explain how SDD™ can benefit the Innovative End User Community?

       For the following reasons:

  • Flexibility :- By not attaching filters, long tubing lengths or sample bags to the bags these can be changed easily by the end users.
  • Environment:- Only the right length of tube is attached to the bag cutting down tubing waste. Also only reusable tubing clamps are used with these parts.
  • Warehouse space:- short lead times leads to smaller warehouses, also the things that take up the most space i.e bags are standard, the smaller tings like filters are the variable.
  • Ease of use:- anyone who has tried to handle a lot of bags connected to a filter understand it is like trying to handle an octopus
  • Cost:- The costs of different options can be gained in hours not weeks, and it is easier to compare between suppliers


       What is your understanding of BioSolve Process?

       Biosolve is a great tool to use in concept design as it gives a quick and easy way of working out both the capex and the opex of a plant.

       Why did you think it would be beneficial for SDD™ assemblies to be incorporated as part of BioSolve Process 8?

       The end users will be getting exact part prices, not only that the parts themselves can be sourced from multiple players. This gives more confidence in the end result.

       How can it potentially benefit our BioSolve Process user community?

       You can go from vision to minute detail in minutes. Any part’s bill of materials that Biosolve suggests can be looked up on the internet in just a few clicks.

       What is the next step for SDD™ activities?

       We need to work with end users on the following items:

  • Mixer configuration
  • Large bore tubing
  • Cell and gene therapy assemblies
  • Sampling bags


       Do you think SDD™ will change the industry and if so how?

       It will take time, but as more end users adopt SDD they will get smaller warehouses, less stock outs, and more predictable pricing. From the suppliers side of things will be able to use mass production techniques, leading to more robust products. Standardisation is inevitable, it is just a matter of time

       What three words would you use to describe BioSolve Process?

       For the following reasons:

  • De-risk
  • Impartial
  • Optimize


Thank you

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