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Report: BioSolve User Group Meeting 2015

It was great to see so many faces at the first Biopharm User Group meeting. More than 30 attendees joined us in Phildelphia on 17th & 18th September for what was a lively event, based on the real experiences of our users.

Here are a few talks that were given during the meeting:

  • Merck: Mark Brower and David Pollard presented some interesting case studies.
  • Sanofi Pasteur: Paul Baduel gave an insight into how a vaccine business is innovating using BioSolve.
  • Pall: Engin Ayturk gave insight into how he used the model to show the benefits of single-use TFF.
  • Millipore: Alex Xenopoulos told us about his experience and design space.

In addition there were good discussions about the next BioSolve releases as well as Supplier Showcase in Connect.

The future of BioSolve
One of the key discussions at the User Group revolved around the product roadmap, starting with BioSolve V6.5 in Q4 2015. This release will include Gantt chart capability and speeded up model calculations, while the V7.0 release will include Container Management and improved Gantt chart capability.

We will deliver more content, multiple annual cost databases, improved unit operation models and a wider range of generic processes. To manage this, we will reduce the data distributed in the model (unit operations, costs, processes) and move to the cloud for on-demand delivery and updates. Those will be downloadable from BioSolve Connect site where users will be able to download even more template processes and unit operations. There will be a new BioSolve User portal on our web site linking data, training and helpdesk into one integrated system.

The next User Group
Our next BioSolve User Group meeting is planned to be held in Europe – most likely in the U.K. in 2017. Stay tuned for more information!