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BioSolve Process: Powering Global Research

Ever since BioSolve Process was first introduced, our software has not only been helping companies improve the way they do business, but it has also been used to help generate academic research in process development by many of the leading innovators in the field.

The software is commonly used to identify the value proposition of technologies, and there are a number of key articles published in technical journals that reference the use of BioSolve Process., which has been used to understand and quantify the impacts of the latest innovations within our industry.

Today we thought we would highlight three recent papers that have been published with input from BioSolve Process. This is just a small selection of papers that our software was involved in, but if you’d like a complete list, please contact us today.

The first paper we’d like to highlight demonstrates how BioSolve Process can be used to look at the potential impact on whole processes of continuous biomanufacturing. Created by Sanofi in the United States, the paper, published in the Journal of Biotechnology is entitled The business impact of an integrated continuous biomanufacturing platform for recombinant protein production.

But BioSolve Process is also used to explore the details of going continuous at the unit operation level, as demonstrated in this article from Biotechnology Journal, entitled Economics of recombinant antibody production processes at various scales: Industry-standard compared to continuous precipitation.

Finally, we wanted to highlight a key paper written by GE Healthcare and ourselves, which examines the impact of the new single use technologies on the environment. Entitled An environmental life cycle assessment comparison of single-use and conventional process technology for the production of monoclonal antibodies, and published in the Journal of Cleaner Production, this was the first rigorous lifecycle analysis carried out for a new technology in our industry, and used BioSolve Process to generate the assessment of resources and waste streams.

Happy reading!