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Chapter 3: Towards a Sustainable Future with BioSolve

Chapter 3: Towards a Sustainable Future with BioSolve – Exciting Developments Ahead! We are thrilled to start 2024 on a high note and share the last instalment of our User Group Forum 2023 Blog with you. This final post highlights the last half of the User Group Forum, which focused

Cost Database Update 2023 in BioSolve Process

Biopharm Services Cost Database Update 2023 for BioSolve Process is Launched! Our reference Hybrid Mab Process has experienced a 23% increase in manufacturing costs since 2021 First, what is BioSolve Process? Are you developing a new bioprocess or assessing new technology and wondering about the impact on your economics, production

Chapter 2: Road to Process Model Evolution

Chapter 2: Road to Process Model Evolution Landmark on 2nd June in London #processmodelevolution On the second day of the User Group Forum, attendees were welcomed back after a lively and enjoyable networking dinner at a Local Upscale Chinese restaurant. The day began with a keynote speech delivered by Professor

Racing Ahead – Pushing forward with Automated Bioproduction Units.

Come and see an automated biologics processing unit in operation at a one-day Symposium “Integrated Process Strategies For Regional Biopharmaceutical Supply” on March 28, 2023, Sedgefield, UK. Looking back down the race circuit, the horses don’t seem to be moving quickly – until they come thundering past you, covering twice

Biopharm Interview Mr Harvey Branton

As you know, Biopharm Services has been part of a UK-based consortium consisting of BiologIC Technologies, CPI, Pall Corporation, and SCIEX. The team has announced the launch of a project that aims to develop automated manufacturing controls for use in the manufacture of biologics. The project, worth a total of

Sustainability Interview – Life Cycle Assessment

Today we have a special guest – Bill Flanagan to give us great insight into Sustainability in our industry. It is such a pleasure to be able to interview someone who has numerous publications related to sustainability. Our Sales & Marketing Director Dr Yuki Abe () interviews Dr Bill Flanagan

Biopharm Services Interview McMaster University Part 1

Biopharm Services and McMaster University is kicking off the collaboration project to conduct Cell Therapy and Gene Therapy modelling together. Here is our interview with them. Good morning to you, David. Would you kindly introduce yourself to our audience?         I’m an Associate Professor in the Department

Interview with Javier Lozano from SDD™

       What is your name and your involvement to SDD™?       My name is Javier Lozano, I am the Technical Lead for the SDD™ innovation, as well as the Process Engineering Head of Department for PM Group in the UK.        Can you explain about SDD™ – what is it and why are

Regeneron’s High Profile Success? Demand for COVID-19 prophylactics – what role for Pichia expression technology to assist access

With Regeneron’s high profile, single-person, single-site, clinical trial proving successful (along with much supporting other clinical data!), will neutralising antibodies surf the second wave? Our COVID-related blogs focus on capacity and cost of making the treatments and understanding opportunities or bottlenecks in large scale provision and new innovations. In this

Biopharm interview with Dr David Pollard

General questions        What is your name, company name and position? D    Dr David Pollard, Head of Advanced Materials and Processing, which is one of the three pillars of the newly formed Sartorius Corporate Research. The other two pillars of corporate research being advanced biotech applications and

Anti-COVID-19 Biologics – Using the BioPhorum Standard MAb Process to Estimate Required Manufacturing Infrastructure, Investment and Resulting Drug Cost

The biopharmaceutical industry is investigating various biologics as treatments for COVID-19. This blog looks at the scale of global manufacturing that may be required and the associated cost of goods of these drug products for COVID-19. Vaccine manufacturing will be discussed in a separate blog. What manufacturing capacity might be

The Fast Optimisation of BioSolve Process Modelling with Bayesian Optimisation

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing capacity, efficiency, flexibility and economics are all important outputs for organisations to optimize and continuously review. BioSolve Process is the biopharmaceutical industry’s most powerful software for bioprocess analysis. Due to the complexity of therapeutic manufacturing there are many variables contributing to the overall manufacturing performance. BioSolve Process has

Biopharm Services soars into 2020 with new BioSolve Process 8

World-class bioprocess modelling software developer unveils new customisable features for users. LONDON, 11 December 2019 – Biopharm Services, the bioprocess analysis software developer, today announced the release of the latest version of its flagship process analysis and economic modelling tool, BioSolve Process. BioSolve Process 8 is the latest version of

User Forum (EU) Feedback

The BioSolve User forum was held in the historic town of Leiden; we welcomed over 20 attendees. We met together for a in-depth review of new features, and to learn from and interact with other users in the expanding community. A major theme of the day was the role of

Magnus Bergman, Cytiva (2nd edition; Republished)

1. General questions        What is your name, organization name and position?       Magnus Bergman, Senior research engineer at the R&D department at Cytiva        Would you classify yourself as a beginner, intermediate user or power user of BioSolve Process?        Intermediate or power user.        Which version of BioSolve Process do you use currently?

Big Data – What does it mean to you?

This is the exact question we asked an audience in a session led by our Sales & Marketing Director Dr Yuki Abe, alongside GE Healthcare’s Jonathan Royce at our User Group Forum back in April 2018. By using the power of real time polling, we asked 36 audience members nine

BioPhorum Group Interview

General questions        What is your name, organization name and position?        Steve Jones, BioPhorum Operations Group, Director and Phorum Lead of Technology Roadmapping        What does your organization do?        Our mission is to create an environment where the global biopharmaceutical industry can collaborate and accelerate their rate of progress, for the benefit

Biopharm interview with Karol Lacki

General questions        What is your name, company name and position?        My name is Karol Lacki and I’m Vice President of Technology Development at Avitide. At Avitide we develop and manufacture custom affinity resins.        Would you classify yourself as a beginner, intermediate, or expert user of BioSolve Process?        I would say

Biopharm interview with Batavia Biosciences

General questions        What is your name, company name and position?        My name is Alfred Luitjens, I currently work as Director of Cell Technologies at Batavia Biosciences, a CDMO with extensive experience in vaccine, recombinant protein, monoclonal antibody and gene therapy projects.        What is involved in your role?        I manage the

Why we supported BPOG’s technology roadmap project

This week we announced that we have supported the BioPhorum Operations Group in the development of the first edition of The Technology Roadmap for the Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry. So why did we get involved? As we all know, current trends in the biopharmaceutical industry, including continued market growth, the arrival

BioSolve 2016 User Survey results revealed!

Biopharm Services recently conducted its annual survey of BioSolve users. The survey is a great opportunity for all users to provide valuable insight and thoughts that contribute directly to the future development direction of the BioSolve products. Today we’d like to share some highlights from our user survey. Majority using

Event summary: BioSolve User Group Forum 2016

As the leaves started to fall from the trees in the iconic city of London, Biopharm Services hosted the 2016 BioSolve User Group Forum. BioSolve users from across the world came together to gain insight into a range of topics focused around cost estimation and technology evaluation in the bioprocess industry.

Introducing the BioSolve Steering Committee!

We recently approached a number of expert individuals that we felt could support Biopharm Services by joining our new steering committee. The aim of the committee is to help support us shape our future direction with their knowledge and vision of the sector. We are delighted to announce that the

2015 User Survey Highlights

We recently conducted our annual User Survey – many thanks to all our users who participated. We use the survey to gather valuable insight into our users’ experience with BioSolve, and it often leads to product improvements and enhancements based on user feedback. Overall, responses to the survey were overwhelmingly

Report: BioSolve User Group Meeting 2015

It was great to see so many faces at the first Biopharm User Group meeting. More than 30 attendees joined us in Phildelphia on 17th & 18th September for what was a lively event, based on the real experiences of our users. Here are a few talks that were given

BioSolve Process: Powering Global Research

Ever since BioSolve Process was first introduced, our software has not only been helping companies improve the way they do business, but it has also been used to help generate academic research in process development by many of the leading innovators in the field. The software is commonly used to

Biotech Trends in Japan: From Fashion to Cell Therapy

We recently attended the Interphex tradeshow in Osaka and observed some interesting trends. When we talk about “trends”, many people automatically think about fashion, and so it was at Interphex, where we noticed the latest trend in hospital nurse uniforms that featured cute cartoon designs. You could be forgiven for

The Irish eyes are smiling on continuous processing

Last month, Biopharm’s managing director, Andrew Sinclair, and Dr. Yuki Abe headed to Dublin, Ireland, for the Continuous Manufacturing in Biopharmaceuticals conference hosted by Informa Life Sciences. In conjunction with Jean-Francois Hamel from MIT, the Biopharm team led a pre-conference workshop entitled Implementing a Continuous Manufacturing Process: Key Considerations for

Continuous processing: Part 3

What’s happening in downstream processing? Welcome to the latest instalment of our continuous processing blog series. In Part 2 we considered the overall cost picture of the economics of continuous processing and touched upon the impact of perfusion versus fed batch – a theme we will pick up again later

The rise of the bioprocess industry in Japan

Last month, Biopharm joined hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors in attending Interphex Japan. The Tokyo-based tradeshow and conference covers the whole process of pharmaceuticals R&D and manufacturing. On the first day, Mark Bamforth, CEO of Gallus Pharmaceuticals, gave a keynote presentation on “The Executive’s Dilemma: the Make vs

Continuous processing: Part 2

Some biopharma companies have been running perfusion bioreactors in a continuous mode for several decades. The choice of whether to use continuous or not was dictated by the product, and little has been published on the economics of continuous perfusion processes. In today’s blog we take a look the economics

Continuous processing: Part 1

Over the next couple of blogs, we’d like to take a closer look at continuous processing, including the challenges associated with it, focusing on the cost drivers for perfusion versus fed batch, and the potential for continuous downstream processing. Continuous processing has increasingly been seen as having the potential to

Mab Manufacturing Today & Tomorrow

In conjunction with today’s launch of BioSolve Process 5, we have developed a whitepaper that demonstrates the significant savings that can be achieved by biopharma innovators in monoclonal antibody manufacture. The study used BioSolve Process to evaluate three different development scenarios: Current stainless steel technology Modelling in BioSolve Process shows